Wool Carpet

Lush, warm, great insulation properties, resilient, flameproof, eco-friendly, wears well. Prices vary.

People have enjoyed the natural beauty of pure wool fibres for many centuries and that's why people still choose wool over synthetic fibres. Its natural beauty stems from the natural complexity of the fibre, developed by evolution to protect sheep, no matter what the conditions! That's why we still wear wool, sleep with wool, insulate with wool and enjoy walking on wool.

When it comes to carpet, some believe that wool sets the standards when comparing the many carpet fibre options. Why else would scientists continuously try to mimic this fibre with synthetic fibres? You can now purchase good quality synthetic carpets that almost look and feel like wool carpet, however, synthetic carpets simply cannot match the natural properties that pure wool fibres can offer.

  • Wool has a natural protection from the build up of static electricity.
  • Wool is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Great durability and long-standing comfort
  • Good stain resistance

Talk to a Flooring Vision expert today and discover why wool will make a valuable addition to your home!

Wool Carpets in Auckland
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